Lisa Simpson: A Reflection

If I had to choose a single cartoon character that perfectly described my childhood, it would be the world’s favorite and youngest yellow feminist, Lisa Simpson.


This isn’t to be confused with the idea that I was a brainiac or a wide-reader at the age of 8, or anything else particularly specific about Lisa, but rather she became an unconscious role model for me (along with Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo) and Buzzfeed’s articles that were Lisa-specific called out to me and my memories.


Here’s a little Velma Dinkley ❤

On  ‘How Springfield Didn’t Deserve Lisa Simpson

Her determination and wisdom that fueled her exposition of Springfield’s origins reminded me of the time I told my parents about the time a school distributed answer keys for a standardized test to improve performance ratings. My parents – who at the time were also affiliated with a university in the community, we’re disturbed and wrote a letter to the district’s Department of Education. The last I heard of it was the school was put under investigation, but I heard none of the results if there were any.

Author’s note: I’ll probably pick this issue up again if I can find the time to investigate this, for closure reasons.

And then there’s the occasional gag of her rebelliousness and well-intentioned defying of the status quo. While being the kind of student that teachers would love to teach – something I picked up through teacher-specific behavior.

Author’s note: Not that I choose the classes I would make an effort to perform well in. My behavior towards certain subjects is defined by how much the teacher inspires me to learn. If I get a teacher that just makes us read the book aloud in class, I’ll read everything in advance and sleep through the subject. Not that I have ever done that – just an example.

 On “Being the Lisa Simpson of the Family

From reading habits to more problematic reading habits and more habits pertaining to problematic commitments to books and fictional characters. Reading is a celebrated hobby in the most part of the family, but when it has come to book hoarding, staying up until the ungodly hours (probably crying), and lurking around fandom blogs on Tumblr or forums on Reddit – there is a significant amount of concern that looms. And borne of the reading habits are independent thoughts and the occasional criticisms of existing biases within your clan – and then succumbing into the resignation that nothing can be done to open closed (minds) doors, but to remain yours open (to a lot of criticism – not that this is a bother).

Author’s Note: I’ll be posting a list of Lisa’s books because she has impeccable tastes, and for the perusal of anyone who’s like me, needs a reminder of all the good things to look forward to when things are dire – a good book.

On Motivating Pep Talks as Written by Buzzfeed

People who live for the pursuit of knowledge and self-development like Lisa are often met with some of the most problematic inner voices that fester from self-doubt or even underlying mental illness/es. But remembering that Lisa Simpson is a character known and even respected by like-minded audiences all over the world is a great help. If you’re going through academic burnouts or even crippling self-doubt that attacks your motivation and productivity, you have to remember that you are not alone and that everything is possible.

Just remember this scene:

you are lisa simpson.jpg

We are all Lisa Simpson,


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