Policies and Big Fishes – #BEDO Day 3

So instead of working on my commencement speech for Public Speaking class, I started thinking about the professions I thought of pursuing after college. The first obvious choice is Law. The second is storytelling – if I plan to write, speak, or film, I’m not entirely sure yet. But there are reasons behind my warring choices, and for tonight’s blog post, I’d like to discuss it in length, starting with the latter choice of pursuing the art of storytelling.

I first watched the film Big Fish and Stardust when I was a child and like all extremely young audiences, failed to fully comprehend the plots and the complexity of the characters. Let me clarify that this is not the film that inspired me to pursue my current degree, but is one of the many films I consider as pivotal elements that contributed to my current quest for graduation.

In our Fiction class, we were given a list of readings, reports, and films. And of course, I cheated on my other major subjects by having an indulgent movie marathon. Which wasn’t completely counterintuitive because watching Big Fish and Stardust became sufficient inspiration to help me create a general notion of what to write about in my speech for public speaking. I still haven’t written it though and with good reason – at least I’d like to think so.

Because in films like Big Fish and Stardust, you’re always left in good spirits. As an English major, some quips, quotes and evident references from both films tickled my fancy and sparked my appreciation for story telling. Big Fish with it’s whimsical but poignant message, and Stardust with its obvious nods to archetypes, engaging storytell and careful attention to detail. It’s films like these that reinforce my love for film, reminding me that people often turn to films for inspiration – a way to escape reality and to return inspired to do something great.

But let’s put this dream of becoming a storyteller aside and parallel it to the other choice of possibly pursing a law degree.

A few days ago, my chosen presidential candidate – better known as the Iron Lady of Asia, died afer a long battle with cancer. Prior to her death, she managed to publish two books that became instant hits: Stupid is Forever and Stupid is Forevermore. Both of which are collections of her witty remarks and colorful criticisms that shaped her reputation as a determined stateswoman with a sense of humor. And although she is widely celebrated due to her humor, there was more to her than the witty writer that she was – her time as a public servant is outstanding, and this added to her already existing charms (see: “wow legs”). But more than her sass, the aforementioned books also contained snippets of her notable talks and speeches that paint her as an ultimate role model that will be greatly missed.

And because she was such a brilliant leader and motivator, I wanted to pursue law to help make her vision for the future a reality. A vision that I believe in, and hope to live to see it happen.

I have yet to find harmony in this two passions, but if there’s one thing they have in common, is that both involve learning how to inspire others to do something worthwhile in their lives, and for me, it’s either telling stories that boost morales or becoming a policymaker that helps to improve the standard of living. The best part of all this is that I don’t even have to decide on this now because I’m still in school and there’s still plenty to learn. I just hope that I can write a decent speech with this in mind.


Until next time,


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