Dreaming Naked, Blogging Clothed – #BEDO Day 1

Do you guys remember my old blog series Blogging Every Day in September? See this post for the first #BEDS entry  or you can read what I wrote then:

“So, #BEDS is an idea by my best friend Ada, from Estranged Magic that stands for BLOGGING EVERY DAY in SEPTEMBERBEDS was inspired from #VEDA or Vlogging Every Day in August in which instead of vlogging, we’d blog! This is also, an attempt to properly enforce the habit of blogging which of course involve a lot or preparation and emergency blog posts should away-from-keyboard time intervals happen – like when exams come up. The goal is to blog every day for the month of September no matter what, but because this is an experimental gig, there’s not much to gain except more blog traffic, I’m guessing.”

Looking back, this experiment was successful, if only lacking in reinforcement by yours truly. So I’m doing it again, but of course, since it’s October it is now #BEDO. Wish me luck!

Now some of you may be wondering about the cheeky blog title, it’s actually my cheeky homage to my very first book signing! A fellow Toastmaster by the name of Arnie Quibranza Mejia published his book titled Writing Naked: A Memoir and held a book signing event at the Aruma Coffee Lounge earlier this afternoon.

Sir Arnie walked us through tribulations he experienced as a young boy, his life in the USA, meeting a significant other, losing a significant other, and his journey learning the craft of the written word that led to this debut. As a plus, he asked the guests to check if their books had stamps on the last page and gave away chocolates! He also questions from his presentation about his life with chocolates as a reward. I got one from the book raffle – a literary golden ticket, and two from answering the following questions (not in verbatim):

  1. Q: Who prompted my return to the Philippines? A: Sir Arnie’s parents.
  2. Q: Who gave me the structure for my book? A: Marjorie Evasco.

As a geographically and financially-challenged bookworm, this book signing event was a chance of a lifetime (hopefully not the last) and I am extremely grateful to Sir Arnie for the invitation and for the sweet message (and sweets) he gave me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will get around to reading his book soon, but I’ll need to write my speeches first. More about that tomorrow!




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