This is getting old.

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Hello again, internet people. Guess who decided to come back after a few months of inactivity?

I’m not even going to defend myself. I’m not even going to promise that I’ll be consistent. But there was a time I could blog every day for a month. I plan to do that again. Plan.

I’ve been planning my return for some time now, I hope I can actually pull off said plan, but I suppose I have more reason to stay on the blogsphere now that I have made promises and commitments to several few who have made it known to me that my blog actually has an audience – thanks guys. If there was a reward for being the most supportive human beings on the planet, I’d consider giving it to you. Consider. 😉

Anywho, the next blog post coming tonight is part of said planned return – a series of publicized letters between me and my friend Oliver. You’ll get to know the both of us somehow as we go along as we publish this at alternate times. To start, Oliver said this, and I will be making my response shortly after uploading this one. His next reply will be on Wednesday and I’ll reply on the Wednesday after that and so on.

Changes on the blog – other than its aesthetic, will be updated regularly. I’ll remove a few things that will go on my Tumblr blog, change existing categories to cater to the content I plan to post on this WordPress blog, and whatever else that I decide to do as I go on. My old content – everything I have ever uploaded on this site, are tagged as #ArhivedIn2016 but other than the additional tag and a more inconvenient way of accessing said archived content, I changed nothing else.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to stick around more and actually stay a little longer, but things can change as they have in the past. Maybe this time, I won’t make the same mistake.

See you around,


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