Popcorn Popping: Oscar Movie Marathon

Yes, the nominations are out but I haven’t checked them out yet – outside of the personalities and headlines I see on my feed – who are repeat-nominated by the way, isn’t a shock to most film geeks.

I’m going to be sharing predictions and discussions for each film and award in the series of blog posts I’ll be making in the course of the marathon so this is a brief heads-up and a line-up of the upcoming marathon:

The Big Short ~ Joy ~ The Revenant ~ Spotlight ~ The Martian ~ Mad Max ~ Room ~ Carol ~ Brooklyn ~ Bridge of Spies ~ Steve Jobs ~ The Danish Girl ~ The Hateful Eight ~ Creed ~ Sicario ~ Trumbo ~ Ex Machina

P.S. This is a marathon among friends in separate locations, watching simultaneously and discussing through the use of Skype. The things we film nerds do.



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