Hello again, Internet

Much has happened in the last couple months since I wrote anything on the blog. I don’t think any apology is justifiable nor should any explanation be considered – but despite this, I’d like to say that I am very truly sorry. I’m sorry to the blogverse for leaving it. It was hard, but it was necessary at the time but I should’ve returned sooner.

But I firmly believe that 2016 will be posing plenty – if not a little daunting, opportunities and I hope to be able to document them religiously from now on. Also, as you can see, I changed themes (again), but I’ve seen the appeal to this one, and will be making some more changes to personalize it so it’s (unedited) aesthetic will remain as such until I can find the perfect tweaks.

So I’m starting my return with the new Shadowhunters TV Show – which I’ll watch and review immediately after posting this. Followed by more accounts of the goings-on in my little hometown or inside my personal la-la land and more general content that I promised earlier in the creation of this blog.





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