Open Mic Iligan – #BEDS Day 30

So for the first time ever, an open mic night has been organized in one of my favorite coffeeshops and it was brilliant.

The coffee going around was a lot like most of the songs and poems performed tonight – dark, bitter but oddly invigorating. There were pieces written in English, Filipino and Cebuano and it was great – if not a little masochistic of me to sit through, and all performed by wonderful speakers and artists.

It was great, finally experiencing an Open Mic and I find myself wanting more, even if it means me speaking in public – something I am probably never going to get used to. I got to perform, I got to see my friends and a lot of wonderful people perform and it’s moments like these that inspire a haven for all local creatives.

My thanks are all extended and freely given to Ate Rohanimah “Ace” Guro and Kuya Jermae Benette Dollete and the rest of the senior English majors who helped make the event possible – you are all wonderful senpais. Also to the owner of Lola G: “The Coffee Library”, Kuya JR Purganan. Thank you for the coffees and the books and everything else in between.

This was a good was to end my September, and to end #BEDS. I hope to do this (#BEDS) again in the future and maybe next time I won’t have to celebrate it, because I’d have finally come full circle and blogged everyday.

Now I must deal with acads,



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