Enya’s Experimental System to Saving Money – #BEDS Day 28

This is a project I dreamed up on the long commuter’s route home after thinking about a currently existing system that makes friends pay a fine for every time they mention their exes names. Though I have never found myself at the extreme in-need-of-funds situation, I still feel like I could optimize my finances more through a reward/punishment system. So now I get to use my spare empty Pringles cans that I decided to use to differentiate my sanctions and my reparations and then another to accommodate some excess money from my daily allowance. Recycling.

So here’s how it’s going to happen – I am going to list down a few of my bad habits that I want to break and unpleasant scenarios that I can avoid through preparation. For every time I break that rule or for every time I surrendered to the habit, I’ll pay my dues to the piper. Every cent that has been spared from any form of payment/sanction will be poured into the other Pringles can marked “Excess.”

Of course, I have to understand that some of us – me most especially, will decide to have cheat days. I think as I put this in writing, I should remember that the success of any project is dependent on the commitment for its completion with a lesson – in the form of success or failure, as the mere result. Discipline is the locked door. Task completion is key. Data is the treasure.


  • Php 02 – complained about school
  • Php 02 – swearing
  • Php 02 – sleeping in
  • Php 05 – ate something unhealthy
  • Php 05 – missed a blog post
  • Php 05 – missed a daily workout
  • Php 05 – went over the limit of 1:1 cup of Milo and coffee
  • Php 05 – going over the one snack a day limit
  • Php 10 – for every hour wasted procrastinating
  • Php 10 – going to sleep with unfinished schoolwork/self-imposed project
  • Php 10 – skipped a meal
  • Php 10 – skipped or attended class late
  • Php 10 – succumbed to eating fast food
  • Php 10 – failed a test


Personally, I like to put off any possibility of a reward until the end of the experimental system. If it works, say I manage to save up to Php 150-200 then I shall deem it a success and keep at it until I find another way to save money. Possible awards may include new clothes, books, art materials, charity donations or maybe even allotted cheat days to buy myself a pizza or frappe.

To be frank, I don’t think I’ll be as honest as I want and hope to be, but in case I do, I hope it earns me good favors from our mutual friend Karma. Until the next blog post.



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