Toastmaster Hugot – #BEDS Day 25

Before I explain how this came to be, some background on the title before getting into the topic in itself.

‘Toastmasters’ is NOT the art of perfecting the french toast or any other toast recipe. Rather Toastmasters is an international club that aims to hone leadership and public speaking skills, meeting twice a month in Aruma Cafe – where my local Toastmasters is currently based. ‘Hugot‘ is kind of like the sad bitter humor for the single and brokenhearted. It basically pokes fun at everyday life by associating universal truths with sour ‘loveless’ statements.

So I attended today’s meeting as a sort of gamekeeper for the Lighter Moments segment of the whole meeting in which I channeled my inner Sheldon Cooper and had Fun With Flags. Sometime before or after the whole meeting, I randomly had a thought to myself which ran along the humorous lines of hugot jokes. After which meeting, I shared the odd thought to my friend Ada who attended the meeting with me and then suddenly, I had a million ideas for hugot lines, all relating to the Toastmaster meeting we just left.

A little side note: Hugot lines are Filipino in nature and due to the semantic barrier of English and Filipino, I cannot translate the lines to replicate the effect of the humor, nor could I replicate the humor itself. Also, I’m not very good at writing/communicating in Filipino so should there be lapses, I implore you to comment them down below so I can improve.

“Buti pa ang mga guests, ina-acknowledge sa simula ng kanilang first meeting. ‘Nung first meeting natin, bukod sa di mo ako kilala, minispronounce mo pa pangalan ko. ‘Mr.’ pa ang ginamit mo.”

“Sa Introduction of the Toastmaster of the Evening naman, inalam mo talaga ang credentials niya. Ni minsan, di ka nagka-interes sa creds ko – professional na forever inaabangan ka.”

“Sana naging Word Master na lang ako. Para maturuan kita kung anong mga salita and pwede mong sabihin sa akin. Baka ma-chambahan ko pa na makasabi ka ng ‘I love you.'”

“Buti pa ang speech project, pinaghandaan. Yung pagmamahal ko sa’yo, di ko inasahan. Parang impromptu speech.”

“Sana naging evaluator na lang ako, para may dahilan akong bantayan ang mga sinasabi’s ginanawa mo’t makikinig ka sa akin habang pagsabihan kita kung saan ka nagkamali at kung saan ka tumama.”

“Sakit naman ng trabaho ng ah-counter. Binibilang ang mga mali mo. Akala ko perfect ka na, meron palang makakasabi na nagkakamali ka rin.”

“Sana grammarian ako, para pwede kong balikan ang iyong mga nasabi at itatama ko. At maniniwala ka sa aking tamang sagot.”

“Buti pa yung timer, inaabangan mo yung signals niya. Ako?”

That’s enough for tonight. I think I’m gonna have to start reevaluating myself after the series of hugot lines, but for those who can’t read Filipino, here’s a sampler hugot that I can reiterate in English, but I’m not sure if it has the desired humorous effect:

“Crushes are like junk food. You buy them and consume them thinking you’ll satisfy yourself until you realize that you’re still hungry. That you could’ve gotten a fulfilling meal at the same price as that junk food, but you didn’t, and now you’re disappointed. That poor emotional investment is unhealthy on both accounts – you think you’re happy with that one taste but you’re not. Just like you think you’re happy with just a crush but at the end of the day you realize that that wasn’t enough.”

Okay, for real, I’m gonna stop now. I’m making myself feel sick.

Until the next blog post,



2 thoughts on “Toastmaster Hugot – #BEDS Day 25

  1. Fred says:

    I L.O.V.E. your hugot lines. as a Toastmaster you tickled my funny bones. 🙂 I wish i could have attended your meeting and witnessed your games in the lighter moment. 🙂 i feel like you could be a Humorous Speech Champion this coming April 2016. Have you registered to be a member? Do it now and join us. 🙂

    • Enya says:

      Thank you, Fred! This is kind of a one-time humor thing, I’m doubtful if I could tickle anyone’s funnt bones anytime soon, though. And about the membership, we’ll see. For now, I’ll settle for being a toastmaster guest 😉 Thanks for your thoughts!

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