Schedules and Upcoming Events – #BEDS Day 23

New way to keep track of events for the coming week, apart from retyping it on two calendar apps, scribbling it on both an actual calendar and a journal – blog about the things. Because in my typical fashion I like to overthink and over-analyze, so why not over-schedule?

  • September 24, Thursday – Eid al Adha (no class but I have a meeting for a project)
  • September 25, Friday – No Class
  • September 26, Saturday – “The Climate Injustice” Environmental Talk at 7:30 AM
  • September 27, Sunday – SUNDAY
  • September 28, Monday – Class, possible meeting again for project
  • September 29, Tuesday – PRE-FIESTA, also Dentist Appointment
  • September 30, Wednesday – ACTUAL FIESTA, and Open Mic Night @ Lola G Cafe: the Coffee Library, 5PM

Notice that prior to my local city’s annual tribute celebration to the Archangel Michael or Pista ni Senyor San Miguel, my rest days and work/school days are alternating and is, in my opinion, just the most inconvenient way to arrange events. At least you’ll know when I have some blog fodder or not for what remains of #BEDS.


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