Popcorn Popping: Descendants – #BEDS Day 13

So when classic Disney villains have kids, they turn out to be, well… really good singers.

Disney’s Descendants is about the kids of well-loved Disney fairytale classic villains that are sent to live with the kids of their goody-two-shoe counterparts while on a mission by their dastardly parents to steal the Fairy Godmother’s wand and destroy the barrier that keeps their parents on the Isle of the Lost. Trouble is, can they survive a “school filled to the brim with prissy pink princesses and perfect princes?”

Best part about this film is the whimsicality of everything. You see Kenny Ortega’s touch in the choreography and the direction of the storyline, and the familiar feel of the overall soundtrack to be catchy. It wasn’t High School Musical as much as it wasn’t Once Upon a Time where both are almost far cries off the Descendants film in its themes but I did notice a lot of plot holes – where the other half of the parents are, time irregularities, etc. And as most Disney Channel Original Movies go, the plot was predictable but you don’t stay and watch for the plot because you just end up liking the characters so much, and just how wacky the characters are – and for the songs, I dare say that I really love the songs.

Hats off to the puns and references!

Overall rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars


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