Because COLLEGE – #BEDS Day 9 (late)

A few days ago, my university held its bi-annual General Assembly and Acquaintance Party and debuted video montages that featured each and every college of my humble institute. And because I really like montages, I decided to share this with you guys as to give you an idea as to what my university looks like, and what it has to offer to its students. Also, the list is in no particular order than the order of which I found them online.

Sidenote: Some of the dialogue and labels are expressed in Filipino and the Bisaya dialect so maybe you can enjoy its aesthetics? I’m at a press for time at the moment so transcribing the lines into English may have to wait until my prelims are over.

College of Engineering

College of Nursing

College of Arts and Social Sciences (my home college, btw)

College of Education

College of Business Administration and Accountancy

College of Science and Mathematics

School of Computer Studies

School of Engineering Technology


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