When You’re Too Tired To Write (Tired Poetry) – #BEDS Day 7

When you’re too tired to write,

You start to do odd things.

Like contemplate the possibilityof inventions that may not exist

until you’re at least 50 years old.

In theory.

When you’re too tired to write,

You first think that speaking is easier than writing.

Audible thoughts shared to a crowd – and everyone’s agreeing with you,

if only your voice didn’t shake or stutter

or if they could even hear you first.

When you’re too tired to write,

You wish you had a private secretary but then,

The idea of recording and instant transcription comes to mind.

But then you’d have to pay extra –

for editing curse words out.

When you’re too tired to write,

Snap out of it.

If you’re lazy and doubtful, try to reevaluate that drive.

You started writing for a reason.

Remember it.

So the next time you sit down,

Think long and hard.

Sit down and type, write, doodle or just record the ideas that you think matter.

Because when you can do that…

There’s no such thing as

“When you’re too tired to write.”

So this is my first publicized shot at writing poetry after coming home after a long day. Told myself I’d keep it short but then again, rant happens. Did not mean for it to end up looking like that though. Must be a side effect of exhaustion.

#BEDS or Blogging Every Day in September is a concept created by Ada of Estranged Magic in which we try to publish at least one blog post of any category or subject matter every day for the month of September.


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