When One Death Is Not Enough – #BEDS Day 2

On previous post, Of Twitter Live Chats and Meeting New People, I briefly discussed the subject of #BEDS or Blogging Every Day in September and this will be my second entry where I discuss how I died yesterday, repeatedly.

Not literally of course, and not necessarily in the figurative sense where I will presumably discuss how I constantly try to reinvent myself – okay, it still applies but that’s not what this blog post is about.

Basically, I woke up late this morning – a first in a long time, after sleeping through the six alarms I have been waking up to for the past few months. It would’ve been nice to wake up late in the morning if it was from a nice, long round of restful sleep, but since I wasn’t so lucky, I woke up after a series of images in which I was killed repeatedly.

Some featured scenes familiar to one who’s exposed to a lot of film and television, some felt like something out of a book, and some felt too surreal I could almost believe it could happen to me.

One of my favorites (is it twisted that I actually have favorites from a pool of scenes in which I die a horrible death) involve falling down repeatedly while running away from an unseen pursuer until he hit me in the head from behind – which is the one I woke up from. Another was being dumped into the ocean where I was bound, gagged, and dragged down by what might’ve been an anvil – like in the cartoons. Another was getting beat to death by invisible people until the internal wounds would engulf the life out of me.

Sounds dramatic but I have to give credit to my subconscious – I totally wanted a boost in my anxiety and paranoia.

#BEDS or Blogging Every Day in September is a concept created by Ada of Estranged Magic in which we try to publish at least one blog post of any category or subject matter every day for the month of September.


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