Of Twitter Live Chats and Meeting New People (also a Blogroll and #BEDS – I’ll explain)

So these past week or so, I’ve been trapped in my house for several reasons: 1) is because we have our own internet, 2) because my parents don’t believe me when I say I have important things to attend to outside and last but not the least, 3) I’m a sickly person who suffers monthly cramps and bi-weekly chest pains.

But outside of that narrative, I had the best outlet ever, and that is the internet in which I have had the pleasure of meeting like-minded individuals who are more or less in the same timezone as I am – because I can’t keep track of these kinds of things. In addition to not being able to keep track of time zones, I had to restrain from calling people “Ate” or “Kuya” (Filipino terms that precede a name that mean “older sibling”) for fear or mistaking a young’un as someone older. So in all respect, I shall furthermore call them by their names until their ages are made known to me or that they decline to be addressed as such.

Dammit, I sound so formal and informal at the same time.

In short, I gained friends, were introduced to other readers who I hope to become really good friends with in the foreseeable future – provided I don’t scare them away with my awkweirdness first. 😀

How did I meet these people? Live Twitter Chats! The two that I’ve participated in (so far) were #BFRTC and #WeekendYAParty hosted by Kuya JM Cabral of Book Freak Revelations and Ate Jasmine Raymundo of Jasmine Pearl Reads and I will be forever thankful for these people for giving me an opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people.

A list of said wonderful people are as follows (though not in any sort of order and not necessarily introduced but I did find them on Twitter):

And that’s almost all of them since it’s 5:10 AM and my parents have finally caught on the fact that I did not sleep at all in the making of the blog post.

So, #BEDS is an idea by my best friend Ada, from Estranged Magic that stands for BLOGGING EVERY DAY in SEPTEMBER. BEDS was inspired from #VEDA or Vlogging Every Day in August in which instead of vlogging, we’d blog! This is also, an attempt to properly enforce the habit of blogging which of course involve a lot or preparation and emergency blog posts should away-from-keyboard time intervals happen – like when exams come up. The goal is to blog every day for the month of September no matter what, but because this is an experimental gig, there’s not much to gain except more blog traffic, I’m guessing.

But my mom’s stirring again and it’s far too early for an earful,



3 thoughts on “Of Twitter Live Chats and Meeting New People (also a Blogroll and #BEDS – I’ll explain)

    • Enya says:

      Interesting, I’ll be sure to stalk the host and find out more. Too bad about the not being awake thing. Maybe you’ll happen upon more chats in a possible all-nighter someday? 😀

  1. voguishperuser says:

    Awww I’m glad to have chatted with you on Jasmine’s weekend YA party. More chats soon, hopefully! Anyway, since you mentioned it, I am technically older than you but, I don’t know, I feel awkward whenever I am called ‘Ate Salwa’ or simply ‘Ate’ but it grows on me, so it’s okay. It’s still your call whether to call me ‘ate’ or not though. 😉

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