Prompt Assignment: A Skill You Want To Learn…

Yeah so I decided to get back on this habit, and I swear I’ll stick to it this time, and as for this writing prompt, this is a tough one. As someone who was raised to ask questions and go beyond the usual make-up of established mechanisms, there is a lot I want to learn. I want to draw and design and decorate buildings, I want to make my own label, learn graphic arts and maybe some animation, but I also want to write and tell stories.

Realistically, the skill I’m trying to learn is playing the guitar. I have a few chords up my sleeve, but I still can’t strum without a guitar pick. With that established, I still have to figure out the rest of the chords, and learn to pluck the strings.

I have always been in love with music. My dad successfully passed on his love for singing even if his daughter couldn’t sing to save her life. But yeah a skill I want to learn and maybe try to perfect is learning to play guitar and maybe someday I could make like an Ed Sheeran or something and perform…


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