The Iligan-CdeO Bus Survival Guide for the Anxious

  1. Seat Choice – depends on your preference, if you want minimal ups and downs, stay in the middle. Anti-sunlight? Take note of the time of day and direction of the bus ride (e.g. 10AM, to CdeO, light streams in from the right)
  2. Exits – for the more paranoid people, familiarize self with any necessary exit routes like the hatch on the bus rooftop or breaking the glass window or if in extreme circumstances – the door.
  3. Staff – uniformed/ID people are your friends. They would never have gotten their job if they didn’t know how to do it. Tell yourself that these people know what they’re doing anything and should there be a mishap they should acknowledge partial responsibility. It takes two to tango devastatingly along the freeway.
  4. Self-care. Travel with a friend who knows of your tendencies. Carry a prepared playlist to calm you down or take you away into imaginationland to stimulate music video fantasies. Only you know what calms you and settles you down.

A little background on what brought this on will be coming soon on the blog. For now, I’m in pain and will come back after the cramps have subsided. Shoutout to my main man, Ada for typing this out and posting it for me.

(Anytime Nin. Check out my blog: Teehee.)


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