Shadow Majoring: a Proposed Double-Majoring Method without the Double Expenses

You must think I’m a special kind of a basket case for dreaming up something as conceivably tiring as seemingly taking two majors in college. Well I am.

At the expense of any possible social life – kidding, you get to be smarter about the world should you allow it, which in turn will lessen the idea that you’re a non-intellectual.

I’m not saying I’m an intellectual. Quite the opposite, actually – I think of myself as a perpetually curious person who until proven otherwise, is just a moron.

So this idea I had – Shadow Majoring, may involve my own secret feelings of wanting to study more diverse subjects. Not necessarily in that sphere of a description. I have friends studying different things and are pretty well-versed in a lot of other topics and hobbies, and I want to know what it is they do, why they do it, and how it all applies.

In a way, as students, not only do you get to learn new things, but you also encourage your friends – the Light Majors if you will, to review and apply what they’re supposed to learn in their choice course. And when you graduate, you – the Shadow, and your friend –the Light Majors are therein both well-versed in your fields of study.

I have yet to develop this idea to a more technical sense, and some possible how-to’s or hacks to make this possible, but it’s all still experimental in which I welcome others to try with me.

Comment your suggestions below and I’ll get back and discuss with you as soon as I can.



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