Log #012: From “.docx” to “.mp4”

So if any of you follow me on Instagram, you may have not been aware that there’s a recent development to that (crappy) story I submitted to Kendii – which I talked about in this blog post. Originally titled Subtle Solutions, that story is now currently being adapted into a short film by Fhranday Productions – a band of misfits that are all filmmakers on the rise, which incidentally I am now a part of, called 先輩のひどい話 (Senpai no hidoi hanashi) “My Senpai’s Terrible Story.” (Not my decision)

So in this ongoing experience, I’d like to document the fact that I now see how much change a written work can go through in its journey from pen and paper, to Word document, and finally into a short film. And because I allowed this less-than-satisfactory piece of work to be adapted into such, I was let in on the changes and I witnessed its evolution. As much as I love all the work that’s going on in my first publicized work, I still have reservations about the title. In a manner of speaking the title itself is significant- with a really funny story behind it, but for now… Let’s just say I’m sitting back thinking about my books they borrowed from my shelf for props.

Until something else interesting happens in my life, I leave you with that very vague entry about my first adaptation and how downplayed my actual excitement is.


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