The Group Study Strategy

For obvious reasons I decided to create study strategies, but at the risk of people becoming better than me I decided to publish my idea of a group study program instead of my own – kidding, the self-study still needs troubleshooting so I might try to upload the self-study sometime next week.

So think of it as a game and here are the rules:

◆ Version 1:

  • Ensure the study space is clean and study-friendly. No booze, or rave music, obviously.
  • Assign places for everyone involved in the study group that is significantly distanced from everyone where interaction is limited to talking in half-loud voices.
  • Agree on a sanction should the rules be violated.
  • Don’t disturb each other unless the inquiry is academic.
  • If able to complete one hour study session without unnecessary interruptions and significant progress, reward with 30-40 minute break with each other.

◆ Version 2:

  • Set a schedule that will accommodate the number of people and a desired amount of leisure time. Obviously, if you want to legit study then you don’t arrange a five-hour long happy time proportioned to one-hour study time.
  • Take turns as to who goes first to take a happy time as everyone eslse studies until their turn.

Until such time I can manage to post something else,


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