Log #011: Of Honeydew Milkteas and Jeepney Rides

Due to unprecedented circumstances, I had an interesting turn of events today that ended in one of the rare times in which I did not listen to music on the jeep ride home. Starting with a wake-up call that I am horribly out-of-shape, I had to deal with a lenient schedule that may have caused me a few stressful moments which preceeded two of my meetings. It occurred to me that I may start to write about all the times my plans had fallen apart due to extenuating circumstances, and then the writing concept later evolved into something about high school and the lies we tell ourselves after, and then it became a bleak post about milktea choices and jeepney rides with a wide array of personalities to ride with – among other colorful ideas.

I don’t know what I meant to write about tonight, and it’s not that I didn’t have ideas – I clearly had some for today. But as of now, my epiphany reflects the idea of just how vast my mind can be when left alone to its own devices. Which probably means that I am setting myself up to be an odd blogger. I wonder if I am meant to really write about myself, or about my thoughts – for your thoughts don’t always reflect who you are, I’d like to tell myself.

Right now, my mind’s set on the fact that I am meant to be really confused, and to make an even more confusing blog post. Are you confused as I am after reading this?


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