The Preemptive Blog Post for “Geeky”

Because I am a paranoid little person, yet again, I need to make some kind of disclaimer to the fact that I am not a genius. Like the philosophical curious cat, I am constantly in the search for answers but unlike the cat, I’m still alive post-search for answers to questions.

I don’t claim to be some kind of star student either. I’m a chronic procrastinator with a studying impairment – a phrase, I am told, translates into being stupid, which I don’t think is the case. Rather it’s a phrase I want to coin as something that a lot of people don’t realize that they have which is a general distaste for the act of studying.

But as a constantly curious person with passing needs to find answers to unorthodox questions, I created this category to accommodate all my academic and non-academic exploits. All the stories of my thoughtful outbursts of pseudo-philosophy, and whatever I can fit into the list below:


  • Academic Lessons – all my school notes post-discussion (with the supporting audio file that I may upload in my Soundcloud – if I can be bothered)
  • Unorthodox Activities – all school-related activities that may or may not be enlightening; seminars, talks and exhibits (also with corresponding audio files); may include possible extra-curricular activities like debate or what


  • DIY’s and Crafts – recorded activities of anything related to handcrafted (both for school and personal use)
  • Self-taught skills – tracking of any life-skill and written theories and practices to remind self and inform others; may involve driving and fixing things, or whatever
  • Plans – brief description of completed plans for different jobs; catching a thief, marketable business ideas, possible building design, etc.

For this category, I am positive that the posts will happen often since I decided to incorporate my school notes here. It’s an experimental set-up to see if I can do better as a student if I try to build-up two identities with one stone – my blogger self and my student self.

Praying that I don’t end up a pseudo-intellectual,



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