The Preemptive Blog Post for “Artist”

As I said in the “Me” page, I don’t claim to be an expert in any of the topics I want to discuss. In fact, this category is a bit of a misnomer in the sense that I will be posting artworks by yours truly, but I will also be talking about other people’s artwork as well. I say artwork because I believe that assembling a cool outfit is an art. The same with taking a photo, and baking, and cooking and so and so.

To keep things in perspective as to what’s in this category, here’s a list below for your convenience. Have fun browsing!


  • Photography – assuming I can get around to compiling a gallery but this will probably hold all the snapshots I take that I like, or the pictures taken by people I know that I like.
  • Sketches – because I do sketch sometimes and I like playing with different mediums in trying to paint what’s in my head. But there is a smattering amount of talented other artists that I come across so I will probably feature them here as well.
  • Trips to Museums/Exhibits – because my school holds a lot of these apparently and as an art enthusiast, I’d like to write about the experience, the pieces and the features artist/s and their beginnings, their current journey and their plans.


  • My Recipes – because every now and then I cook or bake and I’d like to share the original recipe I used before making my own twists – if I can get around to making them.
  • Location Reviews – because I am so opinionated, I want to talk about the places I visit to eat and/or chill and their humble beginnings, and their plans, and so and so.


  • The Virtual Closet – all the ensembles I’ll create for different occasions and variations of the classics 
  • Favorite OOTD’s – not necessarily mine, but featuring people (who I know, unless I was brave enough to ask a stranger about their outfit) and their outfits on the day I take the photo

Well that’s about it. Hopefully I can get around to posting on the subject soon.

Fighting to stay relevant,



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