Log #010: Branching Out

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So that was an experiment. Hello world! I decided to branch out my blog – and quite possibly choking myself with self-imposed responsibilities, but hey, I think it’s a good idea and I’m taking Tim Hautekiet’s words from his Creative Crisis video: “… deep down if you have faith in your ideas, if you want to see them realized and you’re prepared to live on a diet of Red Bull, Crisps and Ready Meals to make that happen, then what’s stopping you? No, what’s actually stopping you?” and then he goes on and lists a lot of potential projects that different people subscribe to and proves his point. Check out his channel here because I love his videos so much.

Back on the subject of my branching out, I’m talking about my new categories that I may update form time to time when the opportunity strikes. The fact that I am branching out does not mean I’m going to stop giving my unsolicited opinions on books and movies – some of you seem to like those, never seen feedback otherwise but if there are any, please let me know. So yes, I am going to be talking about a lot of new things, and I have finally found ways to ensure that I will be able to talk about them form this day onward. I did make a brief description about them in the “Me” Page but I will create a more descriptive blog post on the categories themselves. Just to organize things.

But I guess that’s it for now. Will back soon though.



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