Log #009: My Sister’s Leaving

There’s nothing like watching history repeat itself when you see your younger sibling make their way into high school as one did. But in my case, my little sister’s not repeating my experience, but is living one that my parents – and the rest of my family, once planned for me.

My sister got accepted into a prestigious institution by the name of the Philippine Science High School – a school that my family has almost always been a part of, and she is currently finishing up her packing for her first week at the dorm. As I helped her label her items and organize them into the purple suitcase, I realized that the life that I once thought I wanted is being lived by my sister – going the family’s choice high school, living independently in a dorm, and is 15-minutes away from all friend and familial contact. She’s currently trying to squeeze in a few more of her animes before her departure since the dorm doesn’t allow gadget access on weekdays, and in a way, I feel sorry for her.

Initially, she wanted to go the local high school where I studied because all of her friends are there and the building is right beside my college. But because she got the call of acceptance from PSHS about a month ago, she isn’t. I have been comforting her for the past few weeks, because not only is she going there alone, but the prospect of high school was daunting for her – especially since my high school experience was not the best reference for her expectations.

I want to discuss everything that I learned about my sister’s new school but I think I’d be better off keeping some of those private. I can’t be responsible for adding to my sister’s paranoia, even if it almost never shows on her face. As her older sister, I feel like I’m saying goodbye to an old childhood memory. Who knows what kind of things my dear little sister would learn in the first five days that she spends in her dormitory. Guess I’ll have to find out when she comes home for the weekend.



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