Log #008: When You Doubt Your Doubt Is Unhealthy

It’s an extremely hard thing when you doubt the things going in your head are health, like your own doubt. My recent entry to a writing contest held by Kendii was, in my opinion, not holding very well with its other contenders. Normally, I would’ve tried forgetting that I joined in the first place and went on with my life, but it’s been haunting me ever since I sent that document.

The problem with that entry was that I completely forgot that I was even supposed to submit one and like all my prior immediate crises, I resorted to my classic cram. That piece was a shallow idea from the start and it took me a grand total of four hours to put into Word – in which half that time was spent dancing around Buzzfeed videos. And about 45 minutes before deadline, I gave it a mere once-over for any grammatical errors and possible trashy plot points even thought that piece of “creative literature” was already past the point of decomposition.

It wasn’t that I neglected the deadline, it was more of a reckless effect of forgetfulness because most of the time I decide to write something, I plan them out with a rough draft in my head possible voices to use in the narration.

So now my thoughts on the piece are gracefully reflected by my spotty internet connection that interrupts my music as the artist struggles to deliver their emotional ballads despite the 5-9 second interruption. There’s completely no reason for me to share my story but since I really have nothing more to lose, here’s a link to my pitiful entry. It’s of no legitimate consequence that they got my name wrong, but I’m sure you’ll recognize the ridiculous prose, regardless.

Until next time I feel like my mistake will entertain you,



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