Couch Potating: Teen Wolf Season 5

Teen Wolf is an American TV show produced by MTV’s Jeff Davis. A sort-of retelling of the original Teen Wolf film of 1985 where a teenage boy named Scott McCall gets bitten and turns into a werewolf. The series focuses on him trying to cope with its supernatural effects while it affects everyone close to him. Because we all know that was bound to happen.

Season 5 premiered just last week with an amazing premise. The characters are back for their senior year and everything’s great – and then they won’t be for long.

WARNING: Spoilers beyond the horizontal line.

Overall rating: (so far) 5 out of potatoes

I got into this series fully expecting the most cliche baby steps into the series, and the only reason I gave it half the first season was Stiles – Dylan O’Brien pre-hype with the shaven head. Yes it was cliche, Scott gets bit, is supported by best friend, creepy Giles-like character guide, Scott falls in love with new girl, new girl ends up being part of werewolf hunting family, life gets complicated, etc.

But not only did the series turn all that around, they have continued to confuse and surprise the viewers with unique antagonists, constantly trying the characters without overdoing anything and the theme is amazing.

I love this series so much, it might be the end of me. Now we have villains that appear to have a twisted medical feel to them – which I’d like to assume that Scott’s mom might be a major player in this season, and all of this does not bode well with me. Hospitals are already creepy and now we have Dread Doctors to worry about that ‘don’t give second chances’ and appear to be amplifying the supernatural creatures’ abilities and the manifestations of their oddities. Kira seems to be unable to control her shockwaves and lightning bolts, Stiles’s sanity appears to be spinning out of control, Malia is undergoing a major identity crisis trying to find her mom the Desert Wolf, we don’t know what Parrish is – other than a really gorgeous beast which might bite us in the butt sometime this season, and Scott is again swimming in an endless pool of doubt. AND THEN THERE’S THIS THEO BITCH. Cute, I’ll admit but you should never trust this people. #TeamStilesVsTheo

But that’s all we have so far in this season so maybe something will change. Until the season ends.


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