There Is A Huge Difference Between “Being Sad” And Depression

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Generally speaking, I’m not a very sad person. And maybe I’ve misrepresented myself with that. What with my endless melodrama and nauseating stories of “I loved him, he didn’t love me!” people have started to categorize me as Sad Internet Girl. And I get it. You talk about depression, your dead dad, and unrequited love enough times, you’ll get that title.

I recently did a few interviews about my poetry (OH HELLO – Shameless self-promotion, you can buy my collection here!) and the same theme kept coming up in questions: Ari is sad.

So let me clear this up: I’m, like, not sad? Is that weird? Should I continue to play this character crying into her wine glass every night and pining for past relationships? Because, this may shock you, but that isn’t what I’m doing.

Okay, so maybe last Tuesday. But we won’t count that.


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