14 Things Only Skinny-Fat People Understand

Contrary to popular belief, I am skinny-fat.

Thought Catalog

New Girl: Season 1New Girl: Season 1

1. Medium-size clothes are your nemesis. They’re too tight, exposing every roll, wrinkle, and crevice.

2. Large-size clothes are too loose. The fit resembles that of a child who raided their parent’s closet.

3. There’s a hesitance to shop for a bunch of clothes in a size up, because you’re confident that you’re only a solid month of diet and exercise away from fitting your wardrobe again.

4. Selecting an outfit from aforementioned wardrobe is less enjoyable. When you’re in a personally satisfying spot, weight wise, deciding what to wear is like choosing from 30 glorious ice cream flavors. When you’re in a skinny-fat phase, it’s like choosing which dentist you want to go to for a root canal.

5. Your personal slogan is something along the lines of, “I just ate, but I’m still hungry.

6. The perpetual hunger you feel is probably because your…

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