12 Reasons Everyone Needs A Sarcastic Best Friend

It’s scary how this is extremely accurate to only a handful of my friends.

Thought Catalog


1. Nothing is off limits for you to joke about

A sarcastic BFF reminds you to find the humor in…everything. Even things you’d be totally terrified to joke about with other people. Your BFF says something completely horrible and likely to cause a Twitter war if it ever leaked, but with a little dose of sarcasm? It suddenly seems not only palatable, but god damn hilarious. It’s not uncommon for the two of you to say, “Hey, we’re going to Hell, but we’re going together!”

2. They give you endearing pet names

Like “I hate you” or “please just go away!!” But seriously, you know every time they call you a bitch it’s a codeword for “very important person in my life and I’m hashtag blessed to have you.” *heart flutters*

3. They help put things in perspective

When you’re freaking out over WHAT THIS TEXT MESSAGE COULD MEAN?!?!…

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