Prompt Assignment: What’s something you wish to change about yourself? (late)

With this prompt assignment, I risk excessive self-deprecation. Can’t help it. Better to try to keep my regrets in check rather than to deal with what achievements I may or may not have. Oddly enough, I published my immediate goals post first so I may have set myself up for some slight, written – or is it typed form of self-harm.

  1. My excessive self-deprecation
  2. Social anxiety, I really want to get rid of that
  3. Tendencies to have impossible expectations for myself
  4. Insensitivity
  5. Purposefully remaining moody and distant as a pathetic form of self-preservation
  6. My capacity to overthink and overanalyze
  7. My procrastinating skills
  8. Excessive daydreaming
  9. Keeping my problems to myself – I like to think I can handle things but I probably can’t
  10. Slight self-endangerment
  11. Self-imposed stagnation

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