Couch Potating: Marvel’s Daredevil

My dad’s a fanboy. I’m a fangirl. When he was young, he was into a lot of comic books. I am into a lot of books. We both like the film adaptations of the stuff we read and then we also love the CW’s take on the Green Arrow as the TV show Arrow and the titular character of his own series The Flash. I was hoping this was good, because it’s from Netflix, but one can never be sure when your favorite published works are turned into film or series adaptation. But this did not disappoint as much as I thought I would.

Much like with Awkward, I have watched just the first episode and have yet to venture further into the series. Marvel’s Daredevil is about a lawyer-by-day, vigilante crime fighter by night Matt Murdoch as he tries to battle the crime mob that’s currently running the fictitious neighborhood called Hell’s Kitchen in New York City.

It does a magnificent job of presenting the origin as to why our main character is blind and how most of his decisions are influenced by his past with his dad. The whole set-up is good as t began with how Matt Murdoch and his friend Franklin “Foggy” Nelson got into the business of the law, how they have the secretary Karen Page despite their less-than financially stable state of things and of course, a glimpse as to what lies ahead for the series. I am slightly hoping that they might showcase Elektra Natchios – however briefly, because their complicated love story was one I appreciated the most from the comics.

It’s pretty good from what I can discern in the first episode, although my dad was slightly discouraged from the “lack of action” but I’m more of a plot person than the theatrical choreographed fight scenes but a little more than both couldn’t hurt.

Will elaborate more once I finish this series.




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