Couch Potating: Awkward

I do identify myself as an awkward person, so why did I start watching it now? I dunno, I didn’t feel like watching a TV show with a high school while I was in high school – unless there’s some supernatural twists involved which is why I watched Teen Wolf. Now I’ve only watched the first episode, but I feel like I have to share my thoughts because you know, I’m blogging.

Awkward tells the story of a Jenna Hamilton, a social outcast who apparently needed a boost up into the social ladder as evidenced by a “care-frontation” letter. She tries to get rid of the letter, slips, gets into a freak accident making the whole thing look like she was suicidal. After some negative repercussions, she takes the advice of the letter and sets herself up for the plot of the rest of the series with an incoming love triangle in tow.

Jenna is more than relatable, the setting is as excruciating as real life and the personalities are as colorful as their language. I think I will be well into it, and will thank my best friend Ada for profusely persuading me to get into it. I love how it doesn’t appear to forward serious concerns and themes like most TV shows – outside the circle of the paranormal, with a refreshing story tell.

But I dunno, I’m saying this now with the first episode as a point of reference but who knows? my views might change.

Until my life’s been radically changed by this show,



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