Popcorn Popping: Pitch Perfect 2

I doubly categorized this for the obvious reason that you cannot discuss this film without discussing the tracks. And this was a really good sequel in lieu of the stereotype of sequels. But like all my reviews, apart from what synopsis I could remember from watching the film, I will strive to be devoid of spoilers.

Unless listening to the soundtrack counts for getting spoiled, then I mostly dove into this film without knowing much except for the details revealed in the trailer: vocal bad-assery, world championships, and a whole lot of snarky humor. Pitch Perfect 2 picks up the story of the now successful Barden Bellas as they start off their senior year with a generous dose of public humiliation after an accidental vaginal display by Fat Amy on the President’s birthday. Having hit rock-bottom, the Bellas are threatened with disbandment unless they win the World Championships with Das Sound Machine – representing Germany, as their primary opponent.

I loved this sequel so much because of how the characters from the first film have reached another level of character development in this film. They weren’t dull, they were as fun as every and of course, can still definitely sing their hearts out. The whole parallelism of themes of change and individuality are consistent so far in the franchise and the new faces used in said delivery were effective in their acting and singing. In short, I loved the film, I would’ve jumped up and down and wave my hands in the air as they did if only I was watching the film alone, so kudos to the actors and the production team that made this film possible.

Overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars


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