Couch Potating and Popcorn Popping

Admittedly, I may have let some of the other pages of my blog stay stagnant for sometime now and because I deem it necessary, I decided to make this brief blog post as to what I will start doing with my TV/Movies section on my blog.

Couch Potating is a segment on the blog in which I will discuss my feelings about the TV Shows I watch. I will review and discuss them as a full series without disclosing spoilers. In case of further interests to see my spoiler-ful reviews – and possible individual reactions to each episode (if I can), see my tumblr or the links that I may attach in my general review.

Popcorn Popping on the other hand, will be about the films that I watch and probably will seldom review. The same with the TV Series that I’ll watch, reviews with spoilers will go to tumblr and the elusive thoughts on the films will be posted in this segment.

Until such time I can figure out a better way to post my reviews and reactions, this will do.

Happy reading,



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