Prompt Assignment: The Last Time I Celebrated (late)

The last time I celebrated anything was National Best Friends Day. It was last Tuesday and the topic of my last prompt assignment – in which I enumerated the people in my life who I have met in the high school bit of life. (See post here.)

The trouble of celebrating anything lies in the interpretation of how one celebrates. Some people, celebrate in the form of rave parties, disco, and other forms of mindless, alcohol-infused rituals. Some prefer quieter settings and such as it is, I just hung out with Ada most of the afternoon doing some errands and walked around the quieter side of the city in the rain – with some coffee and cake thrown in somewhere there. And later Jzac joined in and gave us a a crash course on a K-Pop band called BIGBANG – though I will admit, I have been humming to Loser, BUT ONLY THAT.

And then some milk tea at my favorite milk tea shop Partea! Partea! with Jzac again but later that night we found ourselves with another friend – Enoch, as he and his brothers took me and Jzac to the coast with a breathtaking view. I discuss the view in detail here with a lot of personal thoughts mixed in.

I guess the point here is that it doesn’t take much to make me happy because oftentimes my long solitary walks are my own celebrations. I enjoy them just as much as I enjoy sharing these kinds of experiences in my writing. I hope to know how you guys celebrate and when that happened as we discuss on the comments.

Until my next thought-infused post,



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