19 Struggles Only Women Who Hate Wearing Makeup Understand

To a degree, i kind of consider myself too young to wear make-up. It’s not a necessity to me as a student as far as I’m concerned.

Thought Catalog

Vladimir AgafonkinVladimir Agafonkin

1. Makeup tutorials on YouTube terrify you. What? How did they make it do that? Where did their face go? How do they look like that now? How did they just make a “smokey eye” look so flawless in under 5 minutes?

2. The last time you attempted to do the smokey eye, it just looked like someone punched you in the face.

3. Sometimes people try to compliment you on the fact that you don’t wear makeup. “Good for you, having that much self-confidence!” It’s not that you’re ridiculously confident. It’s just that… you’re really lazy.

4. When you actually do wear makeup, you’re usually too tired to wipe it off at the end of the night so you just fall asleep with it all on and then wake up with raccoon eyes.

5. And then the next day people are like “Wow, makeup two days in a row, huh?” And…

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