Prompt Asssignment: Small Things That Make You Happy (feat. National Best Friends Day)

So I decided to do my Prompt Assignments on an “every other day” basis and as a pleasant surprise, today’s assignment coincides with the fact that today is NATIONAL BEST FRIENDS DAY! And after everything that has ever happened to me, these lovely (and less-than lovely) people make me happy.

First off is my friend Angeli. She has stuck with me for years after the 6th grade when we first met and I am forever thankful for her welcome metaphorical slaps-on-my-face as she keeps me grounded in reality and free to explore the clouds. I love how we both make efforts to keep crushes in the fictional than the physical. Our fangirlish moments make me happy. Our sudden duets with Linkin Park and Disney musicals and everything in between. And the occasional teasing on the subject of metaphorical and literal baggage. I love you dahling.

And then there’s Julia. My first friend when I was in a dark place and my guide to be a little ways out of the Dark Side of the Force -although she probably isn’t a big Star Wars geek as I am. The memories of that unspeakable phase that we had back in sophomore year make me happy. The fact that she has stuck with me through and through and will make me laugh in the times I am subconsciously retreating to a dark place. BIRDS WITH JULIA. TUMBLR. And how until now she inspires me to keep writing as she did back in freshman year. We will kill zombies together, Jules and I will not be mad if I get infected first and you must kill me then.

Oy, Chleo I think I forgot where I put your notebooks. I will probably keep them on the grounds that they amuse me. The stories we made together make me happy. And your drawings. And your less-than-meh poetry. And your history of sawi life. And the keychain – hence its pending existence but I promise you will never see it again in the name of our odd friendship. Also, you still sound like you whimper a lot. It’s very endearing.

I’m not even sure about you being lovely, but Japoy, you have seen both the best and worst in me and with that I will gladly sing an off-key duet with you ONLY if we sing Florence – I will make exceptions whenever it applies but do not hesitate to engage in these spontaneous duets when we’re walking around the city. You happy is me happy – so stop MOPING ABOUT BOYS and MOPE ABOUT MUSIC (or Quantum Physics, or Hebrew or whatever it is you’re trying to learn at the moment). The random calling me on the phone past midnight, I miss and though it annoys me every single time, it makes me happy. Japoy come back to the out now.

Ada, please you knew you were going to show up in this list. You are the coffee to my tea – though I’m pretty sure we can interchange that. My only RL friend so far in WordPress that makes me feel that I am not talking to myself in a blogging platform. OUR AWKWARD INTROVERSION. OUR SAWI LIFE. I will be here for your rants as I hope you will be in mine. And I promise to try not to eat while we’re Skype-ing – I mean it happens far too often, it needs to stop.

(I am going to put these inside parentheses because you are a special case, Jzac due to the fact that not only are you a butthole and a goat but you are also my partner-in-crime and everybody’s douchebag friend. That’s pretty much it.)

Mary! Our friendship is weird. You’re graceful and ladylike and like the best of all of us in the sense of being feminine and then somehow we manage to be able to hangout despite my awkweird. Watching movies and chilling with you makes me happy. Talking/Screaming/Fangirling about Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston is probably going to be a running theme, oh and other stuff like movies and music. Watching Maleficent together will always be one of our best memories together – next to scaring you and Ada with my flashlight despite the fact that Jzac did most of the scaring. Ha.

The moon. Kidding, I mean Tessa. The ever omnipresent light in the night and contemplative friend. With weird jokes. And the domineering presence over Japoy. And every now and then with Jzac as he suffers most of your burns which I hold to the highest respect. I solemnly swear I will never call you the moon after this post. Bye moon.

This post is getting too long. There are a lot of other things and other people that make me happy, but due to my own limits in the name of blogging, I must stop.

Happy Best Friends Day to the people who have stuck with me in the good, the bad, and the Awkweird. Me.



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