Log #006: To Blog Successfully: an experiment by Enya

More often than not, my inability to blog stems from the fact that I don’t have a laptop of my own – I have a netbook but its too slow to carry heavy programs like Photoshop and earlier versions of VLC and it already has trouble carrying Chrome as it is. So to remedy this, I use my tab which is really hard to useĀ for long term typing sessions which is almost always the case when I blog. And luckily, I found a way to blog through borrowing other people’s laptops – in exchange for whatever services I can provide which usually include brainstorming for ideas, editing favors, clerical work – at least all that until such time I can save to get my own laptop someday (#GOALS).

But apart from those excuses, my lack of blog posts also comes from the speed of which I forget new blog ideas. I used to carry a notebook in which I jot down all my ideas but I lost it’s pen and over time I just got tired of writing them and resorted to using my phone. Trouble was that I couldn’t remember to check and/or use my phone for blogging reasons because of various social media priorities – sorry, I am still a teen, after all. But I finally got a new set of pens and a little notebook I am really excited to use to help cure my blog procrastinating habits.

And so, with journal in hand and internet at my fingertips, I explored Pinterest (BLESS THIS ARTISTIC GOLD MINE OF INSPIRATION) to get ideas to get out of my blog silence rut and found a pin that featured 52 (supposedly one for every week) writing prompts. As I wrote all the prompts down on my journal, I was thrilled with all the ideas and key phrases that I would use as I plan to get through the rest of the year (hopefully) successfully able to finish all the prompts.

The first five prompts are as follows:

  1. About Me – which I already have as a page
  2. Things you’re thankful for – mixed feelings for this
  3. Small things that make you happy – this one I will prolly do next
  4. The last time I celebrated something – this is going to be tough
  5. Best thing this week – this is going to be hard, too

And so and so. So I will prolly drop the next prompt assignment after this one so until then.




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