Let’s Talk Books: Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (Zoella)


I had zero plans to read this book until I saw it displayed at Fully Booked when I went there about two or so weeks ago. Funny story: when I was there, they were piling up multiple copies of the book in a beautiful tower with a little stand on top like you would with a star on a traditional Christmas tree and the staff gingerly placed the last one on the said platform, right? And just when he was about to stand back a few paces to admire his work, I took the copy on top and he just stood there with this sad little face because I ruined his display – I know, I am a bad person. But at least I bought the book right? *crickets chirping* fine, I’m a bad person.

But anyway, I love the cover, if only because of the photos and the color scheme of the whole thing. The font used was appropriate to the whole concept of the book, but maybe that’s just my bias towards loopy, decorative fonts in general – sorry. Don’t get me wrong! I love the cover and how glossy the jacket is, the font just put me off  for a little while. B+ cover.

And as for plot, it’s a picker-upper for me. Was kind of cliche, really, the plot I mean, but beautifully written with the events all falling into place in such an adorable way. The book is about a girl named Penny who publishes her experiences anonymously on a blog called Girl Online – hence the title. And she finds herself spending a holiday – I use ‘holiday’ because she’s British, in New York, meets a guy named Noah (too soon, not over the Mara Dyer trilogy Noah, *sigh*) and they sort of hit it off.

I love Penny so much because she reminds me of my best friend Ada (hello, Ada dear). And I love how the relationship between Penny and Noah progressed through the story.

Kudos, Zoella, you lovely YouTuber you and your writing.

Overall rating: 4.5 out of stars


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