The Rise Of Experts

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There Will Be BloodThere Will Be Blood

First things first, let’s understand that everyone writing a think piece is just talking to themselves.

I know I am. How could I not be? Writing is an exploration of ideas inherently focused through the lens of the author. Better writers are able to focus on unique fully-formed characters. I can’t. I write shades of myself and, in the non-fiction field of essays, I write as me. I write for me. Usually, the reader can adapt and vibe enough to take it with them. I am not such a unique flower.

What I think and feel probably has commonalities with enough people to be worth reading.

Cool, dope, awesome. But think pieces make stretches and leaps all too often, especially when you consider both the youthful authors and the youthful audience. Ill-earned smugness prevails.

People — and here, people means me, among others — take third-hand…

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