Let’s Talk Books: A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall


Because I haven’t done a recent book review lately – not counting the ones I won’t publish because reasons (heh) here’s A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall.

See that cover? That is how to tell readers: “Read me! I am sweet and lovely, and I won’t break your heart.” And really, it didn’t. This didn’t take too long to read and it was so cute and adorable. This is the first I’ve read from Sandy Hall and from the ebook I had, it was 129 pages long (not long enough really) but I felt like I needed a few more chapters – or POV’s if you will.

The love story of Gabriel “Gabe” Cabrera and Azalea “Lea” … is told in about 14 different perspectives and none of which belonged to both lovebirds. Despite this limitation in the prose, the love story unfolded in such a beautiful way that makes me want to pick this up again if I needed a picker-upper. The conflicts were realistic but not so dull and each of the perspectives gave a lot but not enough info either. It’s amazing though, the romance itself and the writing limit of not having it from the perspective of Gabe or Lea.

Overall review: 4.1 out of 5 stars


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