The Jeepney Stories: Jeep vs. Kleptomaniac

Every now and then I think to myself how inconvenient commuting can be. Often my thoughts drift into the most common factor as to why I’m not fond of jeepneys – other passengers.

A few nights ago, I was waiting for a specific jeepney when another dropped off a group of teens – five of them, about two or three years older than me with two girls and three boys, and they seemed excited. None of my business of course, but one does notice a few things here and there upon the mention of a pick-pocket in the last jeep they rode. They continued their discussion as we boarded the same jeep in which of course all the other passengers joined in the topic.

From what I could gather, the gang hadn’t even noticed the sticky fingers until he tried to get off the jeep and his almost-victim – an old man according to the stroytellers, tried to trip him. The crook, having failed to actually trip, proceeded to threaten him from outside the jeep, possibly catching a mother and her young son in the crossfire, had there been one. One of the girl’s demonstration was that the mother quickly shielded her son while pleading the shoddy man not to do anything rash in the presence of her son, simultaneously saying something religious – at least along those lines. The almost-victim, according to one of the boys, apparently elbowed the perpetrator before he could actually take anything and when the suspect left, he wished he could’ve beat him up being an ex-cop and all.

By this point, everyone started sharing their own scenarios as to what they could’ve done if they were in that jeep. As everyone took turns, the stories of the kind of treatment they would’ve provided grew more colorful and imaginative and I was left thinking – if only.

So many possibilities, so many scenarios that could’ve played out – but didn’t. Because in reality, you can’t predict all the probable situations in every scenario – how much more on preparing an action plan? Things happen that can catch us off guard and we fail to react fast and as effective as TV shows and films have made it appear – unless you happen to really be some kind of an ex-assassin capable of breaking all the bones in that thief’s arm had they tried to take something from you, or something like that.


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