Log #004: The Fault of Mediocrity

So I tricked myself into thinking that not only will I be able to finish my requirement for our Speech Communication class by telling myself that I could manipulate it for my blog so here it is! New content! It’s a speech meant to persuade people into getting out of mediocrity and try to get out of the metaphorical rut of “doing things out of compliance.” I’m really hoping I don’t screw this up in a few hours.

There are plenty of reasons why people make the subconscious, sometimes conscious decision to be mediocre. For us students, it’s because we’re chronic procrastinators, and that’s a gospel truth. But why do we procrastinate? Why can I say that we’re mediocre? An article I read last night cited four reasons – one is because we underestimate the time needed to finish a project, another is very subjective in which those who suffer from perfectionism or anxiety will most probably procrastinate as an effort to handle stress, but the most common reason is because we lack the proper motivation to do things and that we don’t care about the shattering consequences that could happen if we keep putting things off for tomorrow.

But really, let’s be honest here, other than the truth about procrastination – who doesn’t want stellar grades and high recognition? Deep down you know you want to achieve certain things and be known for doing something, but then again, you know perfectly well what could happen to you if you happen to be exceptional – happy parents equals happy pockets, right? Yeah I thought so.

Thinking on it, the whole narrative that teens are lazy is true; what isn’t true is the idea that we won’t be able to amount to anything if we keep procrastinating. I’m not saying this is advisable but try to look back – once upon a time a career in sports was an option, but that’s gone out the window. A long time ago, dancing or a career in the arts was a dream come true – but now you realize that it might not be your calling. And let’s just say you’ve made a strong decision to pursue this course on the full idea that you’re going to follow this kind of career afterwards – but now, you’re not sure anymore. ‘So what?’ you might ask? Let me ask you – ‘Why not?’

It is very often that not only in the times of procrastination do we think about these kinds of things, for paranoid and anxious people, these kinds of thoughts are capable of haunting their minds in their waking moments. You start to feel like you’re too young to be wise and almost too old to be reckless and carefree. You start asking yourself unanswerable questions like – “What if it doesn’t work out?” or “Do I stand a better chance if I wait?” or worse yet, “Are my skills worth people’s time, let alone their investment money in the future?”

But if this is the way you think now, I suggest you wake up. There’s no point in knowing these things and worrying about them now before they’re even an issue. Apply for that program, join clubs, pull all-nighters for that exam, finish writing that song, poem, play, short story, and never settle for less because if you’re going to do something, do it right and give your 110% and without asking for it, the best opportunities will fall on you like raindrops in a drizzle.


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