Log #003: Summer Runnin’

I suppose, I’m to blame but I recently discovered that nearly everything I ate – which is a lot, mind, is coming back to haunt me. It’s been a long time since I woke up early in the morning at around 4:30 AM to jog around the plaza until 6:00 and that’s just about enough time to start preparing for the day. I remember the cold morning breeze, the smell of fresh air from the very few trees around the trail and admittedly, I miss seeing the other joggers as they start to jog alongside the same route around 5:30. And then I stopped.

The plaza’s currently closed off for a construction of the new mall. Did that stop my running? That was really no excuse, I could’ve decided to run around C3 highway instead. Or ran with a route downtown. There was plenty opportunity for me to keep running.

Was it my schedule? Yeah I guess. I mean I hardly ever sleep anymore, the fatigue could’ve killed me if I kept running. Or I could’ve decided to run once a week, like over the weekend when I could’ve rested. Maybe if I did, I wouldn’t have such a hard time reaching 3K when 5K was once a breeze – heck I even hit 8K once.

My point is that I stopped, I miss it, and maybe I can do it again over the summer. Maybe this is symbolic. There are a lot of good things I had to give up to make way for new things. Is it smart to go back? Even if it’s just for the summer? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe some things are better off as I left them, maybe I should go back.

Should I?


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