Log #002: Review: Pygmalion – an ABEO Playhouse Production


I don’t think I have to explain myself because it’s horribly apparent that I’m just starting out as a “budding writer” to say the least and these are just some of my opinions and observations. I’m no expert – obviously, but hey, there’s gotta be someplace I could inflict my opinions so, why not my blog? So again, just my opinions, don’t try to take my criticisms, if any, too seriously. Maybe next time I can even make a better disclaimer.

General Comments:

There’s something about the stage that always draw people in. It could be the ambiance or the story or the actors themselves – I guess this is still unclear but every time I watch these shows, I am always left with a strong wave of emotions after. That intense sense of empathy you have for the characters that starts when you insist you’re just a bystander, and then you start to sympathize with one or two characters and the next thing you know – you’re crying and laughing at the parallels they present.

This is where my review makes itself known. The cast did a marvelous job of ensuring the audience is right with them along the story with every line, every action that keeps everyone at the edge of their seats. The acting and the delivery was almost on point – don’t get me wrong, but for what might be first time actors, this is a major compliment. But most of my appreciation will go to those behind the scenes – excellent work, guys. Pretty sure you made everyone in the English Department – especially Prof. Peñola, proud. *major thumbs up* Kudos .ABEO Vanguards! Some of you probably noticed, but there’s a reason I watched the show twice and I’m still left hanging. You guys deserve more than a standing ovation.

Experience Breakdown:

I guess it starts with the welcoming committee – the flower girls selling their flowers for sixpence in their accents. Blame it on the fact that I’ve watched far too many movies and TV Series with British characters, but I thought they almost got the accents right. And I love how persistent they are to sell their flowers, and their characters unwavering. Case in point: One approached me and made it known that she noticed that I came back for the last show and asked me if I could buy flowers since I came back. Amused as I was, I still didn’t buy her flowers – sorry to disappoint. And then of course the light and sounds that adds to the theatrical feel to the setting – although there were a few hiccups on the technicalities at that last show, but that’s all they were. What follows is the plot delivery: I love how, despite the thick accents, I was able to capture the dialogue enough to understand how each character is unique – I believe this is Prof. Henry Higgins’s forte, the magic of phonetics although he presented this quite like how I imagine Sherlock Holmes would make a differential analysis on new people. Wardrobe was very put-together and impeccable – although I can imagine the discomfort of wearing gloves for a long period of time, and don’t get me started on heels. I probably should recognize the fact that some threw in layers of costume – for obvious reasons, and that’s got to be uncomfortable. But despite that, their acting did not falter. Again, kudos!


(Finally) I want to conclude my review with the fact that I really enjoyed watching the show (twice) and I feel sad for all those who haven’t watched it, so maybe they could do an encore performance for those who haven’t watched it. – although the possibility of me and a few friends who already watched it coming to see the encore performance, if ever.

Overall: 4.7/5 stars

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One thought on “Log #002: Review: Pygmalion – an ABEO Playhouse Production

  1. Jomie Hospital says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I missed the whole production since I’m taking my OJT here in Cebu. I belong to the same Dramatics class with these people, and I must say, the batch was admiringly creative and talented. Yes, an encore performance would be a great idea since I would kill just to see them perform live. Nice review btw! 😍

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