Unsavory Characters: The Immature

It’s been a long time since I last posted anything, and I can say a lot of things as to why that is, but because excuses are pointless in a blog post as this, I’ll just get on to write this down.

In my previous post, i have already mentioned the fact that I am now a college student and busier than ever before because of a sudden trick in character development – instead of being the suffer-in-silence type, I became a part of the loud leading characters. In connection to this, I come across different kinds of people. Some I meet for the better, and then some I think I might regret and then some I just wished never happened.

As someone who has experienced her share of rejections and discrimination, I have learned – the hard way, on how to accept constructive – and the not-so, forms of criticism. As a result, I learned how to create my own criticisms and the process of how to approach the inevitability of somehow becoming the messenger of bad news – a difficult situation I’m sure many of us has experienced one way or another.

Removing all the personal but irrelevant details, I would like to point out there will come a time that we ourselves are rejected or replaced for unsatisfactory performances and I have recently severed ties with one such person who had a relatively negative reaction to such phenomena. It’s not that I’m being petty, but obviously that’s the first thing we in the crossfire always say, but there are just some people you meet that may grow a little better if I let them discover the flaws in the picture themselves. I thought that she may have to realize this on her own but I pray that it happens soon to avoid future repetitions.

Let me paint the situation this way: A collegiate competition is coming up, and one of the events was debate, a mutual hobby she and I happen to share along with the fact that we also have worked together in said event only it was in a different setting. She and I are on level footing, but the difference is that I actively portrayed interest and commitment while she played with the image of never wanting such commitments or activities in the first place. In the past setting of our debating history, she was recognized as a Best Speaker, and like any of us would do, took this achievement with pride. This is the current situation: A rumor was going around that she was participating the collegiate competition, along with two others, and it was just about a day ago when that rumor was debunked – I was replacing her in the competition.

I did not ask for it to happen, although I’m grateful because it leaves room for improvement, but like anyone would I tried to defend her, and ask as to why this was happening. The Senior In-Charge gave me two logical reasons, and I was left to try to wonder how I could tell HER the news without hurting her feelings – or her pride, whichever came first.

Needless to say she didn’t take it well and had a colder, quieter version of her reaction from the last time she reacted immaturely to something everyone else could have taken in stride or as a closed door to the house of opportunity.

When Life closes a door, somewhere it opens a window.

But the same as last time, I thought that perhaps, this is the way she deals with these occurrences. I have been through a lot to have learned how to accept reviews – both positive and negative, on my performances and all around attitude, and maybe she had those too, only that this – her reaction – is the product of the unique combination of factors that she had to deal with that are a far cry from my own.

I guess that’s all I can say about it, other than maybe, to those of you who are reading this and somehow fit my description of my unsavory character, is that you guys learn that there are certain things in life that aren’t meant to be, because who’d have heard of hearsay set in stone? When confronted with a surprise rejection or replacement of sorts, one must learn to accept it with maturity, coming out of the situation as the better person, not the bitter person.


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