30 Days of COLLEGE

Right, I know that’s not really accurate since we started classes on the 9th and not the 1st of July – so technically it’s 16 days of college, excluding the weekends, and then I forgot to discredit the holidays, but my point is I got through the month of June as a AB English-enrolled college girl. (throws confetti and streamers in the air) ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Started College

All joking aside, I kind of like how I started this month – plotting to become the hermit of the block and then crush everyone in academics. This was something I came up when I was royally upset with a great number of people, and ergo, decided to take it out on an environment that I feel will be affected – my schoolmates. Fortunately, that did not happen. But instead, by vote of the people, I became a Year Level Councilor for our local Organization for AB English students.

Then I tried to keep a low profile among my new classmates and to try to avoid my old classmates. Instead I became really social to my blockmates, and my A LOT of my old classmates took it upon themselves to get to know the older, now-college me.

I planned to rewrite all my notes every time I get home so I can study them in a font where I know I am calm, peaceful, and open to learning, I end up way behind note-taking and really immensely out of ever trying to study when I get home.

In short, nothing is going according to plan, and it’s great.

Looking at my calendar today, July will also have a lot in store for me, so much that I hope I can keep track of all of them.

Until next time, folks!


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