High School Graduation

I don’t know what to feel.

I’m relieved that high school is over, that I can start fresh in college.  I’m extra relieved that I won’t have to associate with certain people anymore. But I’m also upset that I won’t see my friends as often as I used to.

We went on with the usual ceremony, and let’s not forget the throwing of the caps. Of course. But over the past week, I noticed there were several versions of Pre-Grad Syndrome.

There’s the Reminiscent, the guy or girl who keeps reminding everyone of key incidents that happened over the four years that happened.

Then the Eager, the kind of people who are pumped for Graduation to happen – either excited to finally get a fresh start in college or just really eager to say goodbye to the Bitches and Bastards of the past.

Also there’s the Neutral, who don’t manifest any strong emotion during the whole phase, or the people who present interest to get things dona and over with. Common among teachers and the middle-of-the-food-chain introverts.

Needless to say there were so many personas observed this past week, and I am not surprised to see these three forms merge into one sad-happy bunch of life adventurers that will now step into a new chapter of their lives – after they finish up their clearances, that is.


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