Once Upon A Library

I live in Iligan. I pass by this library everyday on my route to school and back. As a kid I wondered if I could go in, but my father said the building was never open and it wasn’t safe anymore. But now that I know it is in fact open, I’m still disheartened at the fact that it is dying. I hope the local government will do something about this soon.


Yes, Hazel, Iligan has a City Library–if you can call It that.

Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of the movable type printing is one of the greatest inventions of all time. The proliferation of the printed word spawned a wider exchange of ideas leading to modernization and the growth of science and technology. Teaching and education had been made easy with the greater availability of reading materials. Consequently, socio-politico and economic foundations have been shaken as in the aftermath of the French Revolution or the American Revolution.

Once it was believed that a saint sired the French Revolution. This was the subject of the masteral thesis of the late Bro. H. Gabriel Connon, FSC, president of De la Salle College in the 1960s (now DLSU). Brother Connon theorized—if controversially— that with St. Jean Baptiste de La Salle and his Christian Brothers  spreading the benefits of education even among the poor, more and…

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